Honoring the Monthly Tradition of Remembrance


For nearly 70 years, the Gibbons Family have been honoring a tradition begun by their grandparents, Thomas and Anne Gibbons. Believing the service never really ends for the families they’ve served since opening their first funeral home, they began a tradition of “remembering” the loved ones of those families with a monthly mass at St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago. Every month, a mass is celebrated remembering all the families and loved ones who passed away during that month. A month prior families receive a letter of notice to remind them of the mass of remembrance for the upcoming month of the anniversary of their loved one’s passing. These masses have brought families together for years to celebrate their loved ones together as a community. Lifelong friendships have developed as people have come to know one another through the commonality of celebrating the lives of their loved ones. Many people attend several of the masses each year commemorating different beloved members of their family.


A member of the third generation of the Gibbons Family, Michael,  of Gibbon’s Family Funeral Home in Chicago states, “I’m so proud of the tradition started by our grandparents and continuing today. It is a privilege for our family to be trusted into our third generation serving generations of people throughout the Chicago area”. Adding “It’s nice to see people at St.Pat’s where we’re celebrating together happy memories”.  Added Rev. Fr. Karl Langsdorf who often is the celebrant at the family masses, “Tommy and Ann Gibbons are smilin’ down on their kids and grandkids for continuing this wonderful tradition they started. I’m sure they’re so proud”.


For any questions regarding our Monthly Mass of Remembrance or more information on Pre-arrangements or At-Need services, we are available 24 hours a day at Gibbons Family Funeral Home 773-777-3944 or visit www.gffh.com


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