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The Irish American Heritage Center

John Gorski is Past President of the Center and member of the Board of Directors, states “We preserve our heritage”. We all promote the mission together with Gibbons Family Funeral Home, and many of the surrounding supportive businesses and services on the north side. The Gibbons Family has helped a lot of our members with their needs for services. Michael helps the families when they’ve suffered a loss, He helps them when the journey is difficult, both with his involvement at the funeral home and his involvement with the Irish American Heritage Center. The Gibbon’s Family understands our families and they fulfill their mission and ministry with kindness. They also understand the mission of the Irish American Heritage Center in the lives of the people here. Michael Gibbons is a former member of the Board. For generations, the Gibbon’s Family has worked closely with the Center to preserve Irish Heritage in Chicago, the US, and Ireland.

To discuss at-need or pre-planning or any questions you may have, contact Judy Teubert at Gibbons Family Funeral Home at 773-777-3944 or We’re here 24 hours a day, every day of the year for our families.

To Connect with Gibbons Family Funeral Home:


Twitter: @gibbonsffh



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