Being a Veteran and Serving in the Marines Meant Everything to My Dad.

Barbara Murphy’s dad passed away at 74. It had been 50 years since he served. The Murphy’s didn’t realize that Mr. Murphy had indeed earned funeral and burial services with his service. The Gibbons made sure to advise them of everything that was available to them. Among their first questions was “Did he serve?” From there, the Gibbons took care of everything to ensure the military honors were bestowed upon Mr. Murphy. Barbara remembers a moment during the service where the American Flag was being folded. From her vantage point, the flag was hovering above her father. Her description was “it took our breath away”. A United States Marine will often repeat the credo that “Once a Marine, you never stop being a Marine”. The ceremony was moving to every person there. Barbara shares that had it not been for the Gibbons Family, they would never have known that her father was entitled to these services that were earned by his service.

Veterans are entitled to many services including burial at no charge at a National Cemetery like the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois. For additional information about Military benefits and honors, Pre-planning, At need planning or any questions you may have, contact us, 24 hours a day at Gibbons Family Funeral Home 773-777-3944 or visit

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