Technology Can Be So Helpful in the Grieving Process.

Gibbons Family Funeral Home has added an electronic guestbook for families we serve. By recording information electronically, it eliminates issues reading handwriting or accidentally missing a guest on a page. After the funeral services are complete, we provide pre-addressed envelopes for each person or family who registered for our families to make the process of sending acknowledgement cards easier and much faster for them. People have become easily accustomed to using the Guestbook and the records are very easy for our families to access afterward.

Joe Wright, the developer of the software for our electronic registry book had the opportunity to see his work first hand with a beloved member of his own family. “When my own grandmother passed away and her services were held at Gibbons, I had an opportunity to see how well our system worked. It was a relief to see that it did make things much easier for guests and especially families after the visitation” according to Joe. The Gibbons Family is always working to find ways to make the very difficult time of loss a little bit easier. And in this case, technology has been added to help. “Michael Gibbons is always open to expanding and adding services to the families he serves” says Joe. Adding, “this really is a big help”.

For additional information about Pre-planning, At need planning or any questions you may have, contact us, 24 hours a day at Gibbons Family Funeral Home 773-777-3944 or visit

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