When a First Responder passes away, it’s a special homecoming


John Leonard’s dad passed away in North Carolina. Bringing him back to Chicago was a process directed and taken care of by the Gibbons Family. As a Lieutenant of the Chicago Fire Department, Mr. Leonard was transported by plane back to Chicago. Upon arriving at the airport to pick up Mr. Leonard, Michael Gibbons was directed with his hearse to the tarmac where Firetrucks with crossed ladders along with dozens of Fire Department personnel in dress uniforms standing at attention were already honoring their brother Fireman and Officer. Then, with their lights at full brightness and movement, the motorcade of fire equipment and the Gibbon’s hearse with Lt. Leonard on board were escorted to the funeral home. As John remembers it, “it was quite something”.


First Responders have a special place at Gibbons Family Funeral Home and always have. “We have a history and a tradition of taking care of the families of the men and women who serve our citizens in Chicago” says Michael Gibbons. Both the Chicago Fire Department and Chicago Police Department consider their members to be family, and that tradition and camaraderie extends through to the moment when they say good bye to a fallen officer and send them home.


For the Gibbons Family, it is an honor and a privilege to be among the people who Chicago’s families choose for this responsibility. There’s no effort too great to take special care of the people who protect us every day.


To discuss at-need or pre-planning or any questions you may have, contact Gibbons Family Funeral Home at 773-777-3944 or gffh.com We’re here 24 hours a day, every day of the year for our families.

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