The Gibbons Family Just Knew What We Wanted Without Our Having To Ask

Being a good listener is important in Funeral Services. Within the grief and confusion that loss creates, families bring up memories and important details of life that matter to them. It’s in listening to those phrases and thoughts where greater intuitive service is born.

Eileen O’Grady Newell experienced it herself. She describes the myriad of events surrounding services for her mom. In her words, “If you’re planning a wedding, you have six months to a year. In a case like this, you only have a few days. And the mindset is a lot different”. So true.

She relates that the Gibbons knew what to do, took care of all the details, and reminded them of things they needed to do. And then they did the extra things because they listened so carefully. When Eileen’s father said how nice it was to bring the procession past his house, it reminded him of their visits to the Children’s section where his daughter was laid to rest. An alert and conscientious Michael Gibbons rerouted the procession to pass the Children’s Section for Eileen’s dad. It was a little thing that meant so much because a family listened to a family they were serving. That’s what a family does. Gibbons Family Funeral Home treats you like family. Because you are.

For any information on at-need or pre-planning services, feel free to contact us at 773-777-3944 or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our family is here to serve yours.

To Connect with Gibbons Family Funeral Home:
Twitter: @gibbonsffh

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