An inviting and warmhearted place. Like home.


For Michael Gibbons, having families invite people to a place very much like home was natural. For the Gibbons Family, their buildings were their home. They lived upstairs, answered the phone at whatever time it rang, because it was their mission and privilege to be there for families. Michael’s father Thomas Gibbons understood clearly how important it was for families to be able to come into a comfortable and inviting place to receive their extended families and friends in respect of their loved ones. No detail was ever left to chance. The surroundings needed to provide beauty, peace of mind, and more than anything else; comfort.

Katie Sweeney’s family understood this too. “When my grandma passed away, my mother told me we need to contact the Gibbons Family. We know them. We trust them. When we came in, we knew we were home. It was comfortable,” said Katie, adding, “It was so inviting at that difficult time and it made things easier because we were here”.

“The Sweeney’s are special to us, as are all the families who place their trust in our family at their most difficult moments” is how Michael Gibbons sums up the closeness of the Gibbons Family to the neighborhood and the communities, parishes and organizations they work closely with and serve. The Gibbon’s want every family to feel at home for the time our home becomes their home. It’s meaningful and it’s purposeful to us to continue to ensure that is always how people feel here. It matters more than anything else.

To discuss at-need or pre-planning or any questions you may have, contact Gibbons Family Funeral Home at 773-777-3944 or We’re here 24 hours a day, every day of the year for our families.

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