Gibbons Family Funeral Services Chicago – It Felt Like Home

It was important for my father that people felt like our space felt like home for our families. ~ Michael Gibbons 


For Tom Gibbons, the most important thing you could do for a family grieving was to provide a space for them that ‘felt like home’. As a little boy growing up above the funeral home, it was natural for Michael Gibbons to think of the space this way because it was home to his family.

 Updating, redecorating, always focusing on the experience of the family and their guests at Gibbons Family Funeral Home has always been and continues to be a strong focus for Michael Gibbons and his family.  When Katie Sweeney’s grandmother passed, her mother made a very specific request that her services be at Gibbons Family Funeral Home, because it was pretty, and it was comfortable, and it felt like home. Katie confirmed that the warmth of this environment was a big help to her family. “It was such an inviting place for our family and friends. During a difficult time when we were there for hours on end, the comfort and the warmth were always there for us”, adding “It made things a little bit easier for all of us”.

 At Gibbons Family Funeral Home, we look for every way we can to make the process of celebrating the life of your loved one an experience that families can share in an environment that makes it accommodating to your family, your friends, and neighbors. It’s among the most meaningful and purposeful thing we do to continue serving generations of families who entrust us with their loved ones when it matters most.

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