Remembering the First Responders; our Heroes 

There’s a very good reason the families of Police Officers, Firefighters, Municipal workers and the hard-working class of the northwest side of Chicago choose Gibbons Family Funeral Home to help them with their funeral arrangements more often than not. It feels right. The place. The people and the tradition of helping send our heroes home in a way that befits their service to the world and our communities. 

These services include a bit more ceremony than some others to allow the rank-and-file friends who are referred to, and treated as, “family”, to pay their final respects. It’s important that a funeral home understands the ceremony and tradition. The Gibbons do. When a member of the first responder family passes, on duty or off, retired or not, a huge debt of gratitude is in order. There are official rites, religious rites and nearly always very large crowds paying respects to a fallen member of the extended fellow officer and servant family of these heroes. 

“If the funeral home was not good at accommodating these services, word would get around quickly” chuckled Fr. John McNalis, Asst. Chaplin for the Chicago Fire Department. He adds,  “The Gibbons Family is outstanding, and that word that’s gotten around. They take care of a lot of our members”. Our heroic First Responders and Veterans deserve the special treatment they’ve earned with their public service.

“My family is honored and fully understands the privilege of taking care of first responder families”,  says Michael Gibbons, adding “We want them to know and feel like we will always be here for them”.

For any questions you may have about at-need services or pre-planning, don’t hesitate to contact us. 773-777-3944 or



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