Kathie Warta and her family were with their mom. They knew she had a good life and she was surrounded by people who loved her dearly. So dearly, Kathie has a bit of regret that they did not discuss what her mom would have wanted. She wanted to do everything her faithful mom would have wanted. She wished she discussed these desires when her mom was most alert. She had full arrangements and wonderful services. It’s just a little voice and reminder to Kathie to quietly advise friends and family to have the discussions that help you know for sure that you’re including everything your loved one wanted. From clothing, to jewelry, to readings, songs, flowers, anything and everything. Suddenly, you experience the ‘trauma of loss’, and in only a few short days, you have big decisions, little decisions, detailed decisions, so many decisions to make. A discussion and some plans written down could reduce the burden and doubts so much. 

The Funeral Directors and Staff at Gibbons Family Funeral Home makes this process available and as simple as possible. Noting everything on paper is a huge help to loved ones who must finalize arrangements, often during an emotionally difficult time. “Having things officially written down removes any doubt” says Michael Gibbons, adding, “families feel great relief in knowing exactly what their loved one wished”. 

Even an option to pre-pay through a separate, independent financial instrument is available. This policy is transferable if locations or circumstances change. Financial Planning professionals have been adding this to client portfolios for many years to counteract inflation and rising costs.

Gibbons Family Funeral Home is here 24/7/365 to serve you for Pre-Planning, At-Need, or simply answer any questions you have, with no obligation.
For any questions you may have about At-need services or pre-planning, don’t hesitate to contact us. 773-777-3944 or

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