“My Dad was in the Marines 50 Years Ago. It Was What He Was So Proud Of”

Mr. Murphy had been a Veteran for 50 years by the time he passed away at age 74. Like many veterans, he didn’t talk often about his service, but often did share how proud he was of serving his country. His time in the US Marine Corps earned him the benefits every Veteran is entitled to. Like so many families, the Murphy’s were not aware of the benefits he earned and qualified for. It simply didn’t come up until Michael Gibbons at Gibbons Family Funeral Home in Chicago asked daughter Barbara, if her father had served. “Once Michael was aware my father served in the Marine Corps, the Gibbons took care of everything, letting us know what to bring in (discharge papers; DD-214) “

“It was a wonderful thing to see my father honored for his service. We were surprised and thrilled to be fully informed of his Veteran benefits. We’re grateful Michael asked us”,  Barbara says, adding ” There was an amazing moment during the service, where 2 Marines were folding the American Flag. From our perspective and vantage point, the flag simply hovered over my father. It took our breath away, and made us even more proud of this Marine for Life.” 

A grateful nation thanks you for your service Mr. Murphy. A grateful family knows what these benefits mean to Veterans and Families. A family of professional Funeral Directors make sure families receive all the benefits that are so unselfishly earned. 

Veterans are entitled to a number of services including burial at no charge at a National Cemetery, our closest being Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois. For additional information about Military benefits and honors, Pre-planning, At need planning or any questions you may have, contact us, 24 hours a day at Gibbons Family Funeral Home 773-777-3944 or visit www.gffh.com

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