The Gibbons Family supported us when we suffered our losses.

Laurie Beckman has had very difficult experiences with loss in her life. So difficult that it is very hard to talk about, but important to her to share.

Laurie lost a very new baby boy who was born very premature at 21 weeks, weighing 8 oz. He passed very shortly after his birth. Her family had the opportunity to celebrate his very brief love-filled life and know that he was being cared for with great love and compassion by the Gibbons Family.  Laurie lost her mom to pancreatic cancer. She passed away 8 months after the diagnosis. Laurie’s mom was remarkably special to her; an amazing and supportive woman. Losing her was very difficult. Laurie entrusted her arrangements to the family she knew would take care of every detail. Laurie then lost another son who had become ill at 1 year of age. As overwhelming as this much loss was in a relatively short period of time, Laurie feels that the Gibbons Family shared in all of her difficulty and loss and were there for her in a way she could hardly explain.

“I trusted this family. Anything we needed, they were there. They are extremely caring; wonderful. They knew what we needed”, is how Laurie explains it.

As difficult as it is to discuss, the grieving of losses, especially profound losses, is important to Laurie. She counts her blessings dearly and among them are a family who knew what to do, when and how and take care of every detail that required attention. All the while, they grieved too. “Our families are bonded and there for one another. When Laurie says we were like her family, we’re humbled and grateful to know that. She’s very much a part of the Gibbons Family”, says Michael Gibbons. Adding, “we’re honored”.

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