At times, older traditions are perceived to be at odds with technology. When it comes to funeral arrangements, Michael Gibbons has added some newer technology to make things a bit easier for families served at the Gibbons Family Funeral Home in Chicago.

Among those items is the electronic guest book. Aside from legibility issues, which can be very difficult for families when acknowledging guests afterward, this wonderful system provides a very comprehensive listing of all of those attending the visitation, and contains a special notes section for additional data. Beyond the Guest book, there are high definition electronic screen directories providing information of complete services; service times and locations, church location, cemetery, etc.  We often provide links for directions, memorial information and other important information on these ‘easy to read’ large screens as well. When the services have concluded, families are provided with pre-addressed envelopes of all visitors along with cards for acknowledgement. The electronic guest book makes this process so much easier and the thank you notes can be sent very promptly.

Joe Wright, developer of the software and a longtime friend of the Gibbons Family had an opportunity to see his design function when his grandma passed away. He was pleased to see the system solve the problems he designed it to solve. “Michael Gibbons is always open to anything that makes things easier for the families, and that helps a lot” according to Joe, adding “His concern throughout is that our system is easy and user-friendly”. It’s all part of providing the peace and comfort every family should receive when they’ve experienced loss.  

For additional information about Pre-planning, At need planning or any questions you may have, contact us, 24 hours a day at Gibbons Family Funeral Home 773-777-3944 or visit http://www.gffh.com

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